• Olivac Hispanica S.L.

100% spanish product

We offer 100% spanish olives that throughout the year maintain quality and price because we supply directly from Extremadura farms, with a rigorously controlled traceability.

Quality certificate

We also have the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in Semitransformed and Commercialization of bulk table olives.

A different company

The personality of our company is to bet on personal relationships, treating our stakeholders as part of the Olivac family.

We export 90% of our production to the USA, Italy, Canada …

Olivac is a company born in 2015 to export 90% of its production to countries such as the United States, Italy or Canada. It is born from the illusion of its founding partners, who started this project based on their extensive experience in the Export of Olives.

At present, in Olivac we are in developing and opening phase of markets, expanding our manufacturing lines, investigating new products and consolidating our sales in different markets.

Olivac not only exports, but also distributes nationally

We meet the needs of Spanish companies, with their olives, as input of their production process, so they can enrich their sauces, flavor their breads or flavor their pizzas and other foods.


The Manzanilla olive is grown in the South of Spain. Apart from its exceptional organoleptic qualities, the chamomile olive is of medium size in the order of 200 to 300 fruits per Kilo, similar to an apple, fine skin and excellent texture pulp. Straw yellow color.

It is ideal for export, it is therefore one of the recommended olives for pepper or lemon filling.


The olive of this late-maturing variety represents 16% of the Spanish olive grove, being found mainly in the provinces of Córdoba, Málaga and the border with Portugal. Their leaves give name to this variety for the fact that they have a characteristic white tone.

The ripening of its fruits is somewhat late, from the end of October to November.

The taste for doing things well is reflected in the Olivac model:

– The guarantee of the control of olives towards production lines that use our products in their own.
– The defense of a Spanish product such as olives is guaranteed by providing a Certificate of Origin.
– A service based on knowing every detail of our customers.