Olivac Hispanica S.L. Historia


What started as a personal activity soon became a young, integrated and motivated work team to offer demanding customers such as Germans, Italians and Americans, among others, a high quality product and excellent service at prices very competitive.

The taste for doing things well is reflected in the Olivac model:
– The guarantee of the control of olives towards production lines that use our products in their own.
– The defense of a Spanish product such as olives is guaranteed by providing a Certificate of Origin.

These were the keys to convince and retain a clientele that, after years of trusting in Olivac, became commercial partners and, above all, good friends.

The future is still hopeful, with important investments in the short and medium term that allow us to double our sales figures and continue to create quality employment.


Joaquin Vaca began to buy and sell olives from the floor of his grandparents in Almendralejo, a computer, a large dose of enthusiasm and a partner convinced that his projects were more than possible.


In this year, more than 3 million euros were invoiced, earning the “Greater Commercial Expansion” category of the NEEX Extremadura Awards. Afterwards, he changes partners for one year.


Francisco Vaca and Francisco Javier Bolaños enter the society and Olivac Hispanica S.L.


Without their own structure as a manufacturer, they decide to risk everything they had been able to achieve up to that moment (which was not too certain) and take over a factory that was in liquidation.


With much effort, and with more enthusiasm if possible, they continue with the project but now with their own facilities and with an increase in production lines.