Olivac Hispanica S.L. Exterior fabrica

About us

Olivac Hispánica S.L. It´s a special company that distinguishes from the rest of the business fabric.

We are a family business, belonging to the secondary sector, specifically the packaging and export of table olives offering a wide variety in terms of formats and varieties.

Olivac has an extraordinary value thanks to the great professionalism of its human team, committed to growth, development and improvement. Without the personal contribution of each member of our family, it would be impossible to create trust and confidence to believe in ourselves.

The company not only has an economic dimension, we integrate the Olivac family, the concern for social and environmental issues reflected in our CSR.

  • Origin

    Located in the heart of Extremadura, in the region of Tierra de Barros, and committed to our environment we enjoy an unparalleled setting, where weather conditions allow us to be the largest producers worldwide.

    Proud of our environment, we not only export olives, but we also sell our production to Extremadura and the rest of Spain.

  • Quality and service

    Quality and service are the flag we wear with pride. We invest in high technology and innovative machinery that allows us a production process of the highest quality and internationally certified.

    Guarantors of quality, the quality control department consists of a thoroughly equipped laboratory and highly qualified personnel plus two external laboratories with rigorous controls every week.

    We are able to offer a rapid response in supplies, in less than a week we can place a truck anywhere in Europe.

  • Values

    By printing personality to the company, we transmit family values such as commitment, solidarity and generosity. A personalized, friendly and warm treatment with all our employees that are part of our success in any country in the world.

    The personality of our company is to bet on personal relationships, treating our stakeholders as part of the Olivac family.

  • Exporting vocation

    Our exporting vocation is recognized and awarded by the Junta de Extremadura, and entities such as Extremadura Avante, entities with which we are intrinsically related, and with which we collaborate to attend fairs, train employees and continue to grow as an exporting company from Extremadura.